Visit the distillery

Laboratoire HÉVÉA has located in the heart of the Valley of Roses in Morocco, its production center dedicated to the queen of flowers, the Damascus rose (Rosa damascena).

This fragile, precious flower requires meticulous attention. Picked at dawn, before their perfume escapes with the first rays of sun, they are taken to Kasbah des Roses to be weighed. The roses are then sorted by skilled, fast hands that select flower buds from flowers that have already bloomed. It is these blooms, still fresh, that are immediately placed in the still for slow distillation to capture the delicate and fragrant rose water.

1 kg of fresh rose (375 roses) is needed to obtain 1 litre of rose water and just a few drops of rose essential oil. Like nuggets of gold unearthed by a gold panner, these small, fragrant extracts are worth their weight in gold.


The distillery, which operates throughout the rose season, opens its doors to visitors from around the world from around 10 April to 20 May. A boutique open all year showcases our rose products, such as our floral waters, rose enfleurage and dried rose buds. Our products are organic and certified by Ecocert.

As part of our sustainable development project, the Laboratoire HÉVÉA has funded the renovation of Kasbah des Roses and its development as a guest-house for Lahcen and his family. Here, they welcome travellers searching for discovery and authenticity. Each visitor will experience their own sensory journey, with total immersion in Berber country.